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Places of interest

These are just some the places I’ve discovered that might be worthwhile going (not in order of preference).


This will be one of our first stop. Anyhow can’t miss it.

Unkai Terrance

Seems like heaven with the cloud of sea drifting. I think sunrise or sunset would be incredible experience. Definitely one of the places I would love to go.

More Info:


Said to be a touristy spot at Daisetsuzan National Park. Has onsen baths and two waterfalls. Good for base walks and hiking with ropeway access near Mount Kurodake. Though possibly closed in October due to snow, will look into it for further confirmation.

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Lake Onneto

This is part of the Akan National Park, east of Ashoro Town, know to be one of the three great secret lakes in Hokkaido.

Biei Blue Pond

Photo looks interesting but said there isn’t much to see, could be wrong and will look further into it in due course.

Shikisai No Oka

The iconic image of Hokkaido I always see in travel brochures. Covers 7 hecters of seasonal flowers. Simply stunning and awesome to do photobombing activities just like that tractor and people.

Lake Toya


The lake, mountain and the autumn leaves. Postcard picture could work well with my tree jacket.


This view looks great. Just use your power of imagine with the red orange leaves… awesome right!

Asahiyama Zoo

Not sure how good place would be during the autumn season but is said to be one amazing zoo. Could make a fun visit to see our friends.


Getting the tranquility vibe walking along the river path. Reminds me of my backpacking days walking in the freezing cold around Takayama… though this place architecture has a mix of oriental European style. A sense of feeling like the anime Castle in the Sky.

Any other suggestions or recommendations?

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